Round Table Business and Youth in the German Federal State of Brandenburg

The "Round Table Business and Youth" in the Federal State of Brandenburg is a growing CSR network of Brandenburg based SMEs and large companies investing in the community. The network is facilitated by UPJ and funding is provided by the Brandenburg Ministry of Youth, Education and Sports. The Prime Minister of Brandenburg, Dietmar Woidke, acts as patron of the Round Table.

To improve living conditions for young people and future generations has become an important issue for business as well as for local development at large. Issues like demopraphic change, youth unemployment, tendencies towards violence and intolerance, a lack of proper employability and education, self-entrepreneurship and community engagement, a supportive social infrastructure and cultural environment have become substantial challenges, which cannot be solved neither by government nor by companies or civil-society organisations alone. It requires efforts of all actors in society to come up with innovative collaborative cross sector solutions to socially improve their communities.

The Round Table's aim is to respond to those social challenges in the Federal State of Brandenburg and to moreover inspire and engage others to come up with new social co-operations for inclusive and cohesive communities in the Brandenburg region.

At biannual meetings participants develop and agree upon activities run by the entire network or groups of participating businesses according to their objectives and capacities. UPJ as an experienced national intermediary organisation acts as facilitator and provides help, advice, project management, links to partners and communities, and supports the implementation of projects if necessary. Actions are agreed upon and implemented through a step-by-step approach involving local partners closely in the process.

Moreover the Round Table and its projects raise awareness not only amongst its members but also amongst other companies, local authorities and nonprofits in Brandenburg of the importance and the potential positive impact of Corporate Community Investment towards social cohesion and strong and lively communities.

The Round Table was initiated by UPJ together with three companies, the Potsdam Chamber of Commerce, two state bodies for youth welfare (Landesjugendhilfeausschuss, Landesjugendamt) and the Brandenburg Ministry of Youth, Education and Sports in 2003. Over time the number of programmes and members grew substantially. Today the Brandenburg Ministry of Economy as well as the Secretary for Volunteering and Active Citizenship in the Prime Minister’s Office participate actively in the meetings and support the development and implementation of certain projects.

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